Fleet Lettering & Graphics

Why not let every vehicle in your fleet provide you with an opportunity to advertise your company, product or service? Whether it's a logo to reinforce your brand or a full coverage advertisement, your company will benefit from the power of Road Rage Designs fleet marking products. Our wide array of options can help you turn your fleet or trucks into a free billboard, resulting in more than 100 impressions per mile traveled!

According to the American Trucking Association:

  • The average delivery truck makes 16 million visual impressions in a single year. 
  • A wrapped vehicle that traveled in or around a major city generated more than 65,000 visual impressions per day. 
  • A wrapped vehicle that traveled in suburban areas generated more than 30,000 visual impressions per day.
  • 91% of consumers notice words and images on fleet vehicles.
  • 29% WOULD base a buying decision on fleet impressions
  • 97% remember ads placed on fleets vs.19% for billboards
  • 98% feel fleet ads create a positive image of advertiser
  • 96% said fleet graphics had more impact than other forms of outdoor media (billboards, for example).

Source: Media Life Magazine "Delivering brand by the truck loads” 

Based on Cost Per Thousand (CPM), it is clear that fleet advertising delivers the most cost-effective solution to bring your message into the marketplace.


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